Medical marijuana concerns

The issue of medical marijuana seems to be moving along in the Minnesota Legislature. If legislators thinks it is absolutely necessary to pass this, there should be several caveats built into the law. We think legislators have taken care of several of these concerns, and we hope they will keep them in.

First, if this is about medical use of marijuana, make sure it is for legitimate reasons. The bill before the Legislature does spell out specific illnesses and symptoms, such as cancer treatments and seizures. It shouldn’t be allowed for illnesses that can easily faked so that a so-called patient can “score” a medical marijuana prescription.

The use should be under a doctor’s supervision. The bill doesn’t allow for use of marijuana simply by smoking it. Extracts and oils are allowed, and some vapor inhalation (but only under close supervision).

Distribution should be closely controlled. Licensed distribution centers should be limited, and strictly regulated. We don’t need a weed shop on every corner, and there should be no chance that someone might slip a few ounces to a buddy here or there.

It is hard to deny access to patients who truly believe they might benefit from medical marijuana. But it is a short step to the kind of abuses that would make this a mockery. If we must pass medical marijuana, let’s be sure it is done properly.

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