Simply Food: Meatzza

My step kids, Archie and Ella, are here with us. They flew in from England. We are so happy to have everyone together for a few weeks. We wish they would just stay with us forever. Maybe some day they will. Archie just turned 20. That should make me feel really old but it doesn’t for some reason. It’s a pleasure watching them all grow up. Ella brought her boyfriend, Dominic, along with her this time. We had never met him before this trip. We have had a few days to get to know him and thank goodness we all adore him. I absolutely love showing new people around when they have never been here before. The day after they landed in Las Vegas, we packed them all up into two cars and headed to California for a few days on the beach.

We spent the first day in Venice Beach. After working up an appetite looking at all of the interesting people and walking down the pier, we ate at a restaurant called, “The Whaler”. Dominic ate a chilidog. I ate a veggie wrap. I noticed we had very different taste in food. I thought, this guy really likes meat. My mind instantly goes into recipe idea mode when I have new people to feed. The following morning, Dominic sat next to Ella and me on the couch while we watched Nigella Lawson make a “meatzza”. Both Ella and I cringed at how gross we thought the idea of a meatzza sounded. Dominic, on the other hand said, “I don’t know, that looks quite good.” That’s it, I thought. I am going to make one of these for Dominic. He is going to have a meatzza.

Actually, I thought this is the first time in a long time that meat eaters outnumber the vegetarians in our house. Then, I did the math and realized I was wrong. Ella, Daphne, Jack and I are vegetarians (actually pescatarians because we eat fish). Claud, Archie and Dominic are carnivores. It didn’t matter; I was going to make a big meatzza for my meat-eating boys. I was kind of excited about it. It seemed so weird and different.

Once we returned to our house in Vegas, I looked at Nigella’s recipe and decided to change it a bit. I sauted some onions and garlic to add into the meat mixture. I thought the whole thing seemed a bit like a meatloaf and that is how I would make a meatloaf. I thought this would add some delicious flavor to the mix. Everything tastes better with onions and garlic, in my opinion. Oh, also, Nigella makes her own simple marinara sauce to put on the meatzza and I used a jar of ready-made sauce. I thought that would make it a little easier. The whole thing is pretty easy to make either way.

As I cooked it, I kept talking about the meatzza. It is really fun to say. I was nervous about whether or not it would be a hit. Dominic, Archie and Jack were outside playing basketball when it was finished. I called and told them it was ready. They ran in through the house and out to the back yard. They had to jump into the pool to quickly cool down. It’s getting pretty hot in Las Vegas, especially compared to England. Then, they came in and filled their plates with meatzza, salad and garlic bread. Jack ate bread. Everyone loved it. I know this because they ate the entire skillet full. Also, they kept telling me that they loved the meatzza. I have to admit; I was a little surprised by how much they liked it. Was it really that good?

I was thinking that this could be a little healthier with ground turkey or ground chicken meat. You could even make it with gound meatless “meat”. They do sell this in the stores. I like the Quorn brand the best. I think I might try to make this for those who don’t eat meat in my house.

Today, before the meatzza, Dominic came with me to the store. He was such a big help and so much fun to be with. He told me he loves it here and can understand why Claud chose to live in the United States. I was so happy to hear this. I am pleased he came here to visit with Ella and easily he blends in with our family. I am delighted he inspired the making of the meatzza too. I am going to keep feeding this boy with whatever he wants to eat while he is with us. Then again, I pretty much do that for anyone who comes to visit.

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