Simply Food: Chicken, avocado and feta salad with creamy cilantro dressing

“Forgetfulness is a form of freedom.” Gibran Khalil Gibran

My stepchildren, Archie and Ella, and their friend Dominic, traveled back to England. I get so sad when they leave and try hard not to cry. I always cry at the airport. I love them both so much and wish they would live here with us. We had tons of fun while they were here. We always do.

Going from seven people down to four makes a big difference in a house. It seems empty and quiet around here. I like feeding large groups, especially when they are people I love. When Archie and Ella were here, it was like every evening was a dinner party. I made chicken fajitas, homemade pizzas with pasta, and tons of salads. I cooked lots of meat with three big meat eaters in the house. We made pork tenderloin, barbeque ribs, and steak. I made meatzza. We devoured sweet corn, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, and asparagus. For breakfast, the boys loved bacon and eggs. I bought tons of different cereals since they can’t get the type of variety we get here over in England. It seemed like the cooking never ended, along with cleaning dishes. Don’t get me started on the amount of laundry I washed. I was in heaven. I loved every minute of it.

We had the pool heated to 90 degrees. I know, it sounds crazy, but it is really nice. You never get a cold shock as you jump in. We grilled lots of food and hung around the pool most days. Today, although Archie and Ella are gone, we decided to carry on with this way of life. We hung out by the pool like we were on vacation. I decided it would be nice to make a salad to eat while we soaked in the sun. I know. It’s always about food with me.

I wanted to make something light and hearty at the same time. I told Claud I would make a garbanzo bean, feta and avocado salad. He thought that was a good idea and asked if I would add chicken for him. Of course, I said yes. I told him I thought a creamy cucumber dressing sounded nice. He thought it would be better with a creamy cilantro dressing. I was perfectly fine with that idea. I love cilantro. So, off I went into the kitchen to whip this up. I soon realized that a trip to the store was necessary in order to accomplish this. I didn’t have any feta cheese or chicken or cilantro. I wrote a list and headed out. Once I arrived at the store, I noticed the list wasn’t with me. I had forgotten to put it in my purse and I left it at home. I had to call Claud and have him text the list to me. I have been forgetting so much lately. To be honest, I have never had the best memory. That’s why I am a list person. Now, I am forgetting the list. That can’t be good. When I told my mom about my forgetfulness, she said, “It’s probably pre-menopause.” Thanks, mom!

I got what I needed from the store with my texted list from Claud and headed home to cook. I thought adding radish to the mix was a good idea to bring in some color. I cooked the chicken, chopped up all of my ingredients, blended the dressing and before I knew it, we were outside eating the salad. The salad was delicious and the dressing was perfect. Claud had the right idea with the cilantro. About halfway through the salad, I realized that I forgot the garbanzo beans. Shoot! I couldn’t believe I forgot to include them. I felt like I was losing my mind. I told Claud that I forgot to add the beans. He said, “I thought so but didn’t want to say anything.” Maybe I am getting old? Nah!

I think it would be better with the beans. So, if you plan on making this, you should add them. Soybeans would be good too. I am not complaining because the salad was really good. I wish I could forget how much I miss Archie and Ella and not forget lists and ingredients. That would be better. I like the idea that forgetfulness is a form of freedom, though. I guess I was free to make the salad a little different from my original plan. That’s OK. Nobody complained.

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