VA officials should be held accountable

Members of Congress should apply a simple test to the American Legion’s demand that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and two high-ranking subordinates resign.

Some lawmakers already have said they plan to investigate allegations dozens of veterans died while awaiting care at a Phoenix VA hospital. In addition, one whistleblower says VA officials adjusted waiting lists in an effort to cover up the tragedy – and the scandal.

VA officials have testified to Congress that there is no truth to the reports.

But the Legion has called for Shinseki and other VA officials to resign. Legion national Commander Daniel Dellinger said during the weekend his organization knows of 23 preventable deaths of veterans.

If Congress finds that to be accurate, Shinseki and other VA officials should be forced out of office.

We have asked a lot from our military service men and women, and they have given much, even more, sometimes, than anyone could reasonably expect from them. Many have sacrificed their lives, and many more have sacrificed their health to serve their country. The least we can do is provide for their care in their later years. If those who are in charge of the VA are not up to the task, then let’s get rid of them

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