Students embark on “Enchanted Journey”

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At 2 p.m. tomorrow, students of New Ulm Area Scholars and Home (NUASH) will perform a production of “The Enchanted Journey.”

The show will take place at First United Methodist Church, 1 N. Broadway in New Ulm.

The production is part of the NUASH annual spring play event, but this year’s choice has a unique origin.

The idea to perform the play came from NUASH mother Michelle Hinderman, who remembered listening to a cassette of “The Enchanted Journey” as a child.

Play Director Gigi Rysdahl explained the version being preformed by the students has actually been expanded to include greater dialogue. The additional lines were taken from “The Enchanted Journey”source material, “Pilgrim’s Progress.”

Written by John Bunyan in 1678, “Pilgrim’s Progress” is a Christian allegory in which a protagonist named Christian journeys on the straight and narrow path of the Celestial City. Bunyan wrote the story to inspire fellow Christians to avoid the pitfalls and stay on a righteous path.

“Pilgrim’s Progress” has a long tradition of being adapted into plays, owing to the fact that the original story was written in play format complete with stage directions. “The Enchanted Journey” version is youth-oriented and includes a variety of songs.

The students have been preparing the production since mid-February, meeting once a week for rehearsals.

The students-turned-actors are excited, but nervous about their May 11 performance.

Rysdahl commented that while she is hoping it will be a great production, the real importance is that the students learn. During a rehearsal the children are not just learning to memorize their lines, but to understand the meaning of the play. Bunyan’s story is more than 300 years old, but for the family of NUASH, the message is just as important now as it was then.

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