Catholic presence need not be showy

To the editor:

In reply to Mr Dulka’s letter, May 2, 2014

I think you were doing a fine job of explaining the need for a new Chancery, that is until your attack on Ms. Guggisberg. You stated she should refrain from asking “ignorant” questions.

I grew up in New Ulm at a time when we attended Sunday Mass in the St Marys’ building on So. Minnesota St.. The worship area was part of the school building. The priests lived in a modest home on German St., the nuns, who taught us, lived in the convent next to the school/church. Any Catholic Family interested in religious education was served.

I believe religion was a greater part of our lives at that time as well, in spite of it or because of it.

One of the two hospitals in New Ulm at that time, Loretto Hospital was served by nuns as nurses and administration. There was a nursing home attached for the elderly. The presence of the Catholic Church was very obvious, yet not showy.

These are two examples of religion being part of a community, serving those who in need.

I am sure there are many people Catholic and non Catholic alike, who question how this expensive structure will be serving by example, Since you have set yourself up to “educate the ignorant masses” perhaps you will let us know how this wonderful new structure will serve as more than a residence and administrative center.

I too wonder, “what would Pope Francis do?” Would he choose a mansion on the hill or perhaps a more humble abode?

P.S. In a conversation on debates about religion, government etc. back in the early ’70s, when many of us openly questioned all things organized, a friend stated to me, in regard to The Vatican, “If the Catholic Church is really there to help the needy, they could sell the paintings in the Vatican, that alone, would solve much of world hunger.”

I think we now have a Pope who agrees!

Linda Bolduan

New Ulm

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