Pope, bishop are easy targets

To the editor:

What’s the link here: columnist Cal Thomas calls for Pope Francis to sell the Vatican’s artworks and give the money away, and local editorialists are offended that the Diocese of New Ulm has new offices.

Mr. Thomas says the Vatican art collection is worth up to $15 billion. What if it were to be sold? I spoke to an auctioneer who said the auction house would take, realistically, 25 percent commission, but these artworks are priceless treasures that shouldn’t disappear into private collections.

He also opined that the U.S. may as well sell the Statue of Liberty as it is worth billions as scrap copper, and pay down the National Debt.

The Vatican’s net sale would be $11.25 billion. Over 6 billion people live in the world. An equal distribution gives less than $1.88 to each. The postage rate from here to Rome is $1.15, so we could each have 70 cents. We’d have to pool our resources to order a burger off the dollar menu.

But the Pope is an easy target. He’s busy and not likely to show up to defend himself.

Some people say the new Diocesan Pastoral Center is Bishop LeVoir’s mansion on the hill. The bishop doesn’t live in his office! The new building houses efforts including counseling, adoption, charitable services, communications, evangelization, support for seminarians and diaconate candidates, Hispanic ministry, legal department, administration, all the office functions and more. Read the Diocese’s website, dnu.org.

I wish I had the vision of those who judge the building to be beautiful, ostentatious, and oversized, because it looks like a brick barn to me.

The Diocese could have given the building cost to the poor, but then where would the poor go to receive services? The old building is about to fall down.

But the Bishop is an easy target. He’s busy and not likely to show up at your house to defend himself.

What links do you see here?

P.S.: Yes, we’re Catholic, and, yes, we donated money for the project and, no, we don’t regret doing it.

Cynthia Surprenant

Sleepy Eye

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