Proof of life on Jupiter

To the editor:

There is a Great Red Spot on the planet Jupiter that is visible through the Hubble telescope. It is actually in the Jupiter atmosphere and is a huge swirling cyclonic storm larger than Earth. Scientists have been watching it since the 1930s and during the last 20 years that the Hubble has been operational it has shrunk from 13,020 miles across to 10,250 miles across. They don’t know why it is shrinking though. (Go to and click on “Jupiter”.)

Coincidentally, over the same span of years our ice pack has been shrinking and the ozone layer has shrinking too. Of course we here on Earth know that is the fault of those irresponsible human habitants and their pollution. But why is it happening on Jupiter?

Well, my conclusion after a quick in-depth study of this similar situation happening on both of the planets is so plain to see that I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner. It is obvious. This is solid evidence that the planet Jupiter is truly inhabited. And by humans! More dirty, polluting humans are out there! Ach Ya!

Dennis Born

New Ulm

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