Acts of kindness made this sheriff’s day

To the editor:

One evening last week, I returned a call to a lady whose call I had been unable to take earlier in the day. She told me that the reason for her call was to tell me that she would be acting as the “go-between” for a person who wished to remain anonymous. (This is not unusual, but sometimes complicates things in the legal world.) But what she said next, came as a GIANT surprise. She told me that the anonymous person wanted to give the Sheriff’s Office $1,000 to go toward a ballistic vest for our K-9, Duke. I don’t remember exactly what I said in response, but I do believe that it will require my attendance at church to ask for forgiveness for a couple of words!

I immediately asked her who the donor was. She reminded me that it was an anonymous person and wouldn’t tell me. I demanded that she tell me who the donor was. She wouldn’t. I asked her questions that would give me clues about who the donor was. She laughed and told me that the donor was anonymous, and that I could stop asking questions.

“Who does something like this? Why us?” I thought. “How would I ever be able to thank or repay this person?” My mind raced with a list of people that I thought were “suspect.” Although I thought of a dozen or more people, none of them seemed to fit how this came together. I truly had no idea.

I was at a complete loss and was left to ponder who, and why? I called Deputy Jacques, our K-9 handler, and shared the news with him. I could hear his smile and excitement through the phone (and I think it took him all of about 15 seconds to start researching vests!).

This kind of story plays out time and time again across Renville County. Granted, not every random act of kindness has a $1,000 value, but a kind gesture, however so slight, has a way of making someone’s day, or week, or longer! As I reflect on that day, I can’t help but to recount how it made me feel.

And so it is through this letter that I extend the largest THANK YOU possible to the anonymous person. Thank you for being so generous. Thank you for thinking about your Sheriff’s Office. Thank you for caring about our service animal. Thank you for your completely unexpected random act of kindness!!!

As your Sheriff and on behalf of the entire Sheriff’s Office, I am both honored and humbled to receive this gift. K-9 Duke’s ballistic vest is ordered and will be here soon! Again, thank you!!!

PS: The truth be told. A couple of days later, the anonymous donor was revealed to me. The “go-between” talked with the donor about the excitement and stir that this gift had created. Although sworn to secrecy, I had the opportunity to meet and share stories (and hugs) with this generous person. The neatest thing about this story is that I never would have guessed that this person was the donor. I guess you just never know who might be the next person to offer a random act of kindness We all have the means to do something kind for someone else. All we have to do is do it; pay it forward!

Sheriff Scott D. Hable

Renville Co. Sheriff’s Office

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