Letter answered questions on Chancery

To the editor:

In response to the letter by Cynthia Suprenant on 5/15:

My letter on 5/12 was not meant to “target” anyone, least of all the Bishop. I was objecting to Mr. Dulka’s response to Ms. Guggisberg’s question as “ignorant.”

The letters section is an expression of freedom of speech, a place to freely state opnion and ask questions, and asking questions is the way many of us learn.

Your letter did a much better job of explaining how the new Chancery building would serve the Catholic Diocese, and I thank you for your logical and informative approach. You further offered a website for those interested in learning more.

The important thing is, in the end, that those of you who helped fund it and build it are satisfied.

Linda Bolduan

New Ulm

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