Board considers adding back social services job

NEW ULM – Brown County commissioners will consider adding back a mental health/chemical dependency supervisor position for the 2015 budget at their Tuesday meeting.

Brown County Family Services (BCFS) requests board approval to return to three full-time social service supervisor positions after operating for several years with two. The additional entry-level position was estimated to cost an additional $75,922 a year, according to the Request for Board Action (RBA).

“If we did not have so much community development with facilities that serve an area larger than the county with hundreds of employees, we perhaps could get by with two supervisors,” wrote Adult Social Services Supervisor Barb Dietz. “In addition to all the program work that’s required to deal with clientele directly, we have an oversight responsibility for the state to ensure that the quality element of community facilities is guaranteed to taxpayers and to people needing the facility’s services.”

Dietz added that more than $16 million in Medical Assistance funds go through waivers to group homes and community services in people’s homes plus other facilities for other disability groups such as Nova House, detox, Enterprise North, MRCI, among others. “State and federal governments rely on BCFS to oversee these service providers, ensuring they serve the needs they are designed and paid for,” Dietz added.

Commissioners will also receive:

The annual Children’s Mental Health Advisory Committee Report on current year plans, future plants, concerns and limitations including social media benefits and risks.

A $2,500 subsidy request from the non-profit Lutheran Social Service Financial Counseling Service to maintain viable financial options and information services in Brown County. Previous subsidy requests were for $1,700 a year, according to the RBA.

Family Facilitator school contracts for county public schools except Comfrey which opted out of the program by their own decision, for the 2014-2015 school year. Programs would cost the county $10,585 excluding overhead and random moments revenue, which would more than cover the county cost, according to the RBA.

A Minnesota Choice adult social services program start-up report from Barb Dietz.

Purchasing a Brown County Family Services/Heartland Express bus for $69,916 from El Dorado National, Inc. The replacement purchase is included in the 2014 Transit Management Plan Application Budget approved by Brown County commissioners last fall.

The board meeting begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 27 in the courthouse commissioners room.

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