Obama’s war on our veterans

To the editor:

Remember Obama’s manufactured “war on women” election 2008?

Well, the war against our veterans is for real. Our veterans, men and women, are dying for lack of medical care by Obama’s administration. It’s not manufactured, it’s a scandal!

Obama/Rep. Walz/Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. What did they know? When did they know it?

2008 the incoming Obama administration was told the VA had problems within their health care system concerning the care of our veterans. So Obama/Walz/Franken and Klobuchar were informed in 2008 and did nothing. It’s their job to fix it. It’s delay, deny and if that does not work, lie!

Rep. Tim Walz is on the Veterans Committee, he sends out those fancy/glossy foldes stating he supports our veterans. What support do you give our veterans, Rep. Walz?

Our veterans are dying frmo lack of health care by the VA! It’s your job – FIX IT!

Korie Langbehn


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