Public notices, June 4, 2014


(June 4, 2014)

Advertisement for


Sealed bids may be

delivered to the Office

of the Finance Direc-

tor, Municipal Building,

located at 100 North

Broadway, New Ulm,

Minnesota 56073 prior

to the 10:00 A.M. bid

opening on THURS-

DAY, the 26th day of

JUNE, 2014. The City

will publicly open and

read all bids received

by the Finance Direc-

tor immediately

thereafter for the fur-

nishing of all labor,

tools, equipment, ma-

terials and every other

article or thing neces-

sary for the complete

construction of the fol-

lowing improvement,


2014 MSAS Improve-

ment Project

Work includes im-

provements to North

Highland Avenue from

TH 14 to CSAH 29

within the City limits of

New Ulm, Minnesota.

All bids must be

sealed and marked

“2014 MSAS Improve-

ment Project” and

each and every propo-

sal must be accom-

panied by a cash

deposit, cashier’s

check, bid bond or cer-

tified check for not

less than five percent

(5%) of the amount of

such bid, payable to

the City, to be forfeit-

ed to the City in case

the successful bidder

fails to enter into con-

tract and to furnish sa-

tisfactory bond within

ten (10) days after ac-

ceptance of such bid.

The bid will remain

subject to acceptance

for 45 days after the

day of bid opening.

The City reserves the

right to reject any and

all bids.

Minimum wage rates

to be paid by the Con-

tractors have been

predetermined and are

subject to the Work

Hours Act of 1962,

P.L. 87-581 and imple-

menting regulations.








The Minnesota Depart-

ment of Transportation

hereby notifies all

bidders: in accordance

with Title VI of the

Civil Rights Act of

1964 (Act), as amend-

ed and Title 49, Code

of Federal Regula-

tions, Subtitle A Part

21, Non-discrimination

in Federally-assisted

programs of the

Department of Tran-

sportation, it will affir-

matively assure that in

any contract entered

into pursuant to this

advertisement, disad-

vantaged business en-

terprises will be afford-

ed maximum opportun-

ity to participate and/or

to submit bids in

response to this invita-

tion, and will not be

discriminated against

on the grounds of

race, color, disability,

age, religion, sex or

national origin in con-

sideration for an


In accordance with Ti-

tle VI of the Civil

Rights Act of 1964 as

amended, and Title 23,

Code of Federal Regu-

lations, Part 230 Sub-

part A-Equal Employ-

ment Opportunity on

Federal and

Federal-Aid Construc-

tion Contracts (includ-

ing supportive ser-

vices), it will affirma-

tively assure increased

participation of minori-

ty groups and disad-

vantaged persons and

women in all phases of

the highway construc-

tion industry, and that

on any project con-

structed pursuant to

this advertisement

equal employment op-

portunity will be provid-

ed to all persons

without regard to their

race, color, disability,

age, religion, sex or

national origin;

In accordance with the

Minnesota Human

Rights Act, Minnesota

Statute 363A.08 Unfair

discriminatory Prac-

tices, it will affirma-

tively assure that on

any project construct-

ed pursuant to this ad-

vertisement equal em-

ployment opportunity

will be offered to all

persons without regard

to race, color, creed,

religion, national origin,

sex, marital status,

status with regard to

public assistance,

membership or activity

in a local commission,

disability, sexual orien-

tation, or age;

In accordance with the

Minnesota Human

Rights Act, Minnesota

Statute 363A.36 Certi-

ficates of Compliance

for Public Contracts,

and 363A.37 Rules for

Certificates of Compli-

ance, it will assure

that appropriate parties

to any contract en-

tered into pursuant to

this advertisement

possess valid Certifi-

cates of Compliance.

If you are not a current

holder of a compliance

certificate issued by

the Minnesota Depart-

ment of Human Rights

and intend to bid on

any job in this adver-

tisement you must

contact the Depart-

ment of Human Rights

immediately for assis-

tance in obtaining a


The following notice

for the Minnesota

Department of Human

Rights applies to all


“It is hereby agreed

between the parties

that Minnesota Sta-

tute, section 363A.36

and Minnesota Rules,

parts 5000.3400 to

5000.3600 are incor-

porated into any con-

tract between these

parties based on this

specification or any

modification of it. A

copy of Minnesota

Statute 363A.36 and

Minnesota Rules,

parts 5000.3400 to

5000.3600 is available

upon request from the

contracting agency.”

“It is hereby agreed

between the parties

that this agency will

require affirmative ac-

tion requirements be

met by contractors in

relation to Minnesota

Statute 363A.36 and

Minnesota Rules

5000.3600. Failure by

a contractor to imple-

ment an affirmative

action plan or made a

good faith effort shall

result in revocation of

it certificate or revoca-

tion of the contract

(Minnesota Statute

363A.36, Subd.2 and


A minimum goal of

6.0% good Faith Effort

to be subcontracted to

Disadvantaged Busi-

ness Enterprises.

The plans and specifi-

cations prepared by

the City Engineer are

on file and may be ex-

amined at the City

Engineer’s Office.

Complete digital pro-

ject plans and specifi-

cations are available at or

You may download the

digital plan documents

for $30.00 by inputting

Quest project

#3074778 on the

website’s Project

Search page. Please

contact at

952-233-1632 or

for assistance in free

membership registra-

tion, downloading, and

working with this digi-

tal project information.

An optional paper set

of the plans and

specifications may be

obtained at the Office

of the City Engineer,

100 North Broadway,

New Ulm, Minnesota

56073. A

non-refundable pay-

ment of $60.00, which

includes applicable

sales tax and shipping,

will be required for

each paper set of

plans and specifica-

tions issued.

Approximate quantities

of work include: 164

LF Water Main; 789

LF Sanitary Sewer

Main; 31 LF Sanitary

Sewer Manhole Struc-

tures; 111 LF Curb &

Gutter Removals;

89,420 CY Common

Excavation; 23,407

TONS Aggregate

Base; 5,140 TONS Bi-

tuminous Pavement;

6,903 LF Subdrain

Tubing; 1,203 LF RCP

Storm Sewer Piping;

121.4 LF Storm Sewer

Manhole Structures;

51 Manhole & Catch

Basin Castings;

20,652 SF 4″ Concrete

Sidewalk; 6,228 LF

V624 Curb & Gutter;

85 SY 7″ Concrete

Driveway Pavement;

22.6 Acres Seeding; 1

Street Lighting Sys-

tem; Roadway Striping

and 140 Trees.

By Order of the City


Brian D. Gramentz

City Manager

Dated at New Ulm,


this 3rd day of June,



(June 4, 2014)




1315 S. Broadway

New Ulm, Minnesota




April 22, 2014

Members present:

Kunz, Remus, Karl,

Peterson, Ringhofer

Chairperson Peterson

called the meeting to

order at 7:04 p.m.

Motion by Karl, second

by Kunz to approve

the agenda as amend-

ed. Motion carried.

Motion by Remus,

second by Ringhofer

to approve the minutes

as presented. Motion


Motion by Ringhofer,

second by Remus to

approve the bills paid

as listed by check re-

gisters dated April 9,

2014 and April 23,

2014 and the March

31, 2014 and April

2014 wire payments.

Motion carried.

Motion by Remus

second by Karl to

enter into a three-year

engagement with the

audit firm of Abdo,

Eick & Meyers. Motion


Director Toninato pro-

vided information on

River Bend programs

and services.

Motion by Remus,

second by Kunz to ap-

prove the ECSE Coor-

dinator job description

as presented. Motion


Motion by Remus,

second by Karl to ex-

tend medical leave for

an employee. Motion


Motion by Karl, second

by Ringhofer to hire

Natalie Sellner as an

Imprints 1:1 Educa-

tional Assistant (tem-

porary position) effec-

tive April 7, 2014. Mo-

tion carried.

The meeting was ad-

journed at 7:40 p.m.

The next regular meet-

ing of the River Bend

Education District

Board will be May 27,

2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Linda Beck

Administrative Secre-


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