Blackberry and Apple Crumble

“If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?” Steven Wright

Las Vegas is entering into a heat wave. It is actually called an “excessive heat warning.” We will have temperatures ranging from 105 110 degrees for the next two days. It is hilarious how the news is covering it. Reporters are acting like none of us has experienced heat before. At one point, the news reporter spoke to the audience like everyone listening was accidentally dropped off in the desert and it was her job to describe heat and how to deal with it. I am pretty sure these temperatures are expected here.

Yesterday, Daphne and I were in the thick of it as we needed to stand outside in this heat for several hours. It was worth it. Daphne attended this program called Driver’s Edge. I heard that it was a driving class for people whose ages range from 15 to 21. All I knew was that this course teaches kids driving skills that aren’t taught in regular driver’s education. Oh, I also found out it is free. So, I was all over this.

Daphne and I arrived at 8:30 in the morning and were surrounded by tons of other parents and young drivers. We were shown a film about high school kids who lost their lives in a car accident returning to school from lunch. These kids lived in Las Vegas. However, unfortunately, this happens all over the country. Then, an amazing and passionate man walked in front of all of us and told us about this program. Basically, he was frustrated with the reaction to these tragedies. For example, Las Vegas forbids students from leaving campus during lunch as if this would stop teen driving tragedies. This doesn’t make sense.

The creator of Driver’s Edge thought it was a better idea to teach kids to learn how to expect the unexpected while driving. He wanted to teach kids to not panic. That is exactly what they teach. See, the teens who passed away in the film we watched, weren’t speeding and weren’t under the influence of anything. The driver took her eyes off the road for a second and when she looked back, there was a curve in the road and she panicked. She overcompensated and lost control of the car. This happens to drivers of all ages who haven’t been taught how to react in unexpected situations.

So, for 4-1/2 hours, Driver’s Edge taught my daughter and hundreds of other teens how to stay calm. They learned how to brake and turn instantly around an unexpected object in the road. They were taught how to react to a slippery road and to drive out of a spin. The whole time, I stood in the heat and didn’t mind. I was so pleased that my teenager was learning these amazing skills that could save her life. Besides, they provided coolers of ice water at every station. I must have had ten bottles of water.

Anyone with a teenage driver should go online and find the nearest Driver’s Edge to your location and get your driver over to this course. If there isn’t one near you, email them and let them know kids in your area need this course. I wish it were mandatory training for all drivers. I believe what they are teaching is that valuable. Daphne loved all of it. She had a blast. We spent 4-1/2 hours standing in excessive heat and she loved every minute of it. To be fair, we stood under shade tents.

On our way home, Daphne and I were starving and decided to run into the market. I asked her what I should make for my article. She said, “Please, make something sweet. You never do.” I don’t like to bake. This wasn’t what I was thinking.

“I meant what would be a good lunch,” I told her. She said, “Something sweet would be perfect for lunch.” So, we looked around and decided on blackberry and apple crumble. I figured she deserved a treat after a long day in the sun and I felt it was a good compromise to have lots of fruit in it. She agreed. Crumbles are great because they taste delicious and you don’t need to be as precise as with other baked goods. They are also easy to make.

Daphne and I had blackberry and apple crumble for lunch and talked about the driving course and the heat. She said she didn’t mind the heat at all because she was having so much fun learning. She was excited to spend the day with all of the racecar and stunt car drivers. The instructors of Driver’s Edge have impressive driving rsums. So, if you are having a blast while seeing a heat wave, I believe you would wave back. We did.

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