Fischer begins next stage of career

NEW ULM – From New Ulm to St. Cloud State and now to Jupiter, Fla.

The baseball journey of New Ulm’s Kyle Fischer keeps on going as Fischer, who was drafted on Saturday in the 30th round by the Miami Marlins, signed his first professional baseball contract and left for Florida Monday later morning.

But before departing New Ulm and Minnesota, Fischer was part of a St. Cloud State University baseball camp that was held at the Junior Baseball Indoor Hitting Facility due to rain.

“We (St. Cloud State) have been down here three years now,” said Fischer, who pitched for the Huskies. “We have had a lot of people from New Ulm go to St. Cloud State and play baseball there. We always try and make it a day or two and help out with the camp and get them interested in playing baseball.”

The camp may have been the most relaxing part of Fischer’s life the past 72 hours after being selected by the Marlins.

“There has been a lot of paper work that needed to get done,” he said. “I have been trying to pack everything, saying goodbye to family and friends. It has been hectic but it has been fun. I am sure it is going to be an experience and hopefully it will be a good one.”

Fischer said that he does not have any expectations about his first few days and weeks as a professional baseball player.

“I am going to get down to Jupiter and focus on myself and work on the things that I need to work on,” he said. “Hopefully all works out and I can get bumped up to Low “A” ball later on in the season. I am super excited.”

Fischer has only one thing that he expects when he get to the Sunshine State.

“I know it will be hot,” he said. “Instead of pitching in 35-degree weather like we have up here it will be closer to 100 degrees. It will be different but as far as atmosphere I am going to treat it like it is college baseball. Stay relaxed, go out there and try and hit my spots and hopefully my defense can pick me up.”

Minor league baseball has been called an “individual team sport” as opposed to the team first attitude of college baseball.

“I guess that I will find out when I get down there,” Fischer said. “My attitude has always been to treat it like a team sport but at this point you do want to focus on yourself and get yourself better. Overall it will be more for the team but we’ll see.”

Fischer said that his dad John and mother Rose have been a big factor in his success.

“It goes down to all of the running that they have both done,” said Fischer. “I have been playing baseball for years and there have been practices and meetings and games – they were always running us around.

“My dad was there to help with the mechanics part of pitching and my mom has always been a competitor -she always wants to win. That is where I get that from.”

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