Public notices


(June 15, 2014)



WHEREAS, the City

of New Ulm will con-

sider an amendment to

the City’s Comprehen-

sive Plan for the pro-

perty generally

described as follows:

That part of the NW

and the SW of the

NE lying southerly

of County State-Aid

Highway (C.S.A.H.)

#29, in Section 13,

Township 110, Range

31; and

The east 45 acres of

the E ? of the NW

lying southerly of

C.S.A.H. #29; in Sec-

tion 13, Township 110,

Range 31; and

The Balance of Lot 1

of the SE of the NE

of Section 13,

Township 110,

Range 31;

in order to allow in-

dustrial land uses in

place of medium den-

sity residential and

high density residential

land uses.

WHEREAS, the City

Code requires that this

matter be considered

by the New Ulm Plan-

ning Commission.



pursuant to the City

Code, the New Ulm

Planning Commission

will meet at 4:30 P.M.

on Thursday, June 26,

2014 in the City Hall

Council Chambers,

100 North Broadway,

New Ulm, Minnesota

to consider this

matter. The public

and all interested par-

ties are hereby notified

of said hearing.

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