Garden Street safety

To the editor:

South Garden Street is under construction this summer and when it is completed there will be some changes that can affect safety. You will have to exercise a little more caution if you drive that street often, especially when there is a school activity in the area.

There now will only be parking on the school side of the street so that kids do not have to cross traffic to get to a car on the other side. The remainder of the street will consist of 14′ of bicycle lanes and 22′ of vehicle lanes. The bicycles will have no problem but the vehicles will have to drive a bit more carefully because their driving lanes are narrower under the new configuration.

The new vehicle lanes at 22′ are narrower by two feet than the railroad underpass at 12th North Street and are narrower by one foot than the old Broadway underpass so if you are familiar with those locations you will realize that more care and slower speeds will be required on the new Garden Street. You could be concentrating on the oncoming traffic when you should be more conscious of the school activity and the possibility of a child darting out from between parked cars. Please be extra alert when using the new Garden Street so we don’t have a tragedy there.

Dennis Born

New Ulm

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