Gieseke explains resignation

To the editor:

Greetings Media and MN School District # 88 Citizens:

I am writing this letter to the editor because Superintendent Jeff Bertrang recommended I share the reason why I have decided to resign from the school board. I have spent many hours in thoughtful consideration. I have made the decision to request to be released as a Director of the MN School District #88 (New Ulm) Board of Education.

I am grateful to ever) one who has supported and encouraged me! It is not an easy task being on a school board making decisions and having a part in educating area children. Members of the school board have to devote their time to do their job. I can no longer devote enough of my time to do justice for the school children of this district.

Since 2012, my duties as the Director of Minnesota Brain Injury Force Inc. have increased to a level where I no longer have enough hours in a dav! Minnesota Brain Injury Force has seen an enormous increase in the number of area brain injured/stroke survivors that call and need assistance. MN Brain Injury Force (MNBIF) has scheduled over 80 fund raisers, workshops or events in 2014. MNBIF needs to have the fund raisers to raise money to help support area brain injured/stroke survivors.

I prayed for GOD to show me a sign to help me decide what to do! I prayed that GOD would provide MNBTF with funds and people who could help me support these survivors so I would have time to devote to the school board. What happened? I received more phone calls from even more area brain injured/stroke survivors needing help! I decided then that GOD had answered my sign request and must want me to devote my time to help these special survivors. Who do these brain injured/stroke survivors have to help support them for free besides ME?

The school board will not have a problem finding someone to replace my position on the board. But there are lots of problems finding someone to support area brain injured stroke survivors! I need to devote more of my time to help support these special survivors.

I thank GOD for helping me to be a part of the District #88 Board of Education! It has been an experience that I will treasure. I did appreciate my voters confidence that I would be their voice on the school board and I do regret disappointing them by resigning.

I hope it is not asking too much to request from these same voters that they pray that GOD provides me with strength, wisdom and guidance to support area brain injured/stroke survivors! I thank you and your area brain injured/stroke survivors will too.

Sharon P. Gieseke

Director of MN Brain Injury Force Inc.

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