Miller calls for ‘portable’ insurance pools

ST. JAMES – First Congressional District Republican candidate Aaron Miller called for “portable” insurance packages that employees could take with them from job to job, Thursday at a Watonwan County Republican fund-raiser at Memorial Park.

“We need to allow people to take insurance with them from job to job, crossing state lines, creating bigger, more powerful (insurance) pools. It would be good for everyone,” Miller said. “We also need more open markets in southern Minnesota, which produces more pigs than most places in the country. We need less government regulations, especially with things like state-by-state food labeling that is too cumbersome.”

Miller said less government regulation would allow more farms to be more easily passed on from one generation to another.

A U.S. Army Reserve Command Sgt. Major with 27 years of service and four wartime deployments plus experience as a health care account manager and the owner of a company with a biological research patent, Miller said he has a big interest in veterans affairs.

“I’d like to see a voucher program allowing veterans especially those living in rural areas, to use their military medical benefits while seeing the doctor of their choice where they live instead of having to travel to a Veterans Administration clinic or hospital. Veteran health care access needs to improve,” Miller said. “The government needs to realize that there can be more efficiency in the private sector.”

Miller said Iraq and Afghanistan have similar problems with sectarian violence. “We shouldn’t send troops back to Iraq or use drone or air strikes. You can’t buy your way to security in Iraq,” he said. “Lots of changes must be made in the Iraqi government before they can effectively work with us. It’s a horribly tragic situation.”

Speaking on behalf of his father, U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden, Conor McFadden said agricultural drainage is a big issue politicians don’t deal with. “We need Republicans in office who can help Americans do what they do best, create and innovate,” he said.

Rep. Paul Torkelson of Hanska, who is seeking his fourth term, said lots of volunteer help is needed for Republicans to “get their feet back in the door” in St. Paul. “Minnesota is a water-rich state, I’m a water (legislation) guy, and I want to protect your water and agricultural rights,” Torkelson said.

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