Looking for stories on soldiers buried abroad

To the editor:

I am searching for as many of the stories of the 218,000 soldiers, within the 24 cemeteries, who are buried overseas as I can find. I started working on Oklahoma, my home state, but have decided to try and help find as many as i can due to the lack of time available.

There are 971 soldiers from WWI and 3540 soldiers from WWII that are buried or listed on the walls of the missing for Minnesota.

This number is way too large for me to try and search archives in any shape or form. I am also not looking for archives from the newspapers. I want the family members of the soldiers to contact me with the info they have.

I am searching for info, pictures, letters and family stories about each soldier to be shared with the cemeteries.

I have contacted the governor of every state and was told to contact the veterans association. I have found that the best way to find family members of the fallen soldiers is through the newspapers.

Anyone who has any information on a solider who is buried overseas, please contact Beach by visiting apieceofhomeusa.com to arrange a digital transfer.

Information can also be sent by mail to:

Michael Beach

P.O. Box 582

Maysville, OK 73057

Michael Beach

Maysville, OK

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