Minnesota crests in New Ulm

Minnesota crests in New Ulm

NEW?ULM – Goosetown resident John Fritsche began monitoring the Minnesota River that flows past his backyard at 800 S. Front St. as torrential rains continued to fall last week.

Fritsche, a long-time resident of the river-front property, felt from experience with previous floods that the river needed watching despite the protective presence of the recently built berm, he said.

He estimated the river crested sometime Monday at approximately 808.6 feet above sea level. The berm is built at 814 feet, and the 1997 spring flood saw the Minnesota River cresting at 812 feet, Fritsche said.

“I did not trust what was happening to the river,” Fritsche said Monday evening. “I did not trust it.”

A storage facility on Fritsche’s property houses cars, boats and recreational vehicles. Fearful of the rising river, Fritsche moved the items out on Saturday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is no longer measuring the Minnesota River height in New Ulm. Fritsche would like the monitoring to resume, he said, because riverfront residents and city officials could use the information to prepare for emergency measures.

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