Hobby Lobby’s objection

To the editor:

The editorial in the July 2nd edition of the Journal entitled “How do we define true believers?” contains a critical mistake in describing the Supreme Court’s decision re Hobby Lobby. The statement to which I am referring is, “the company doesn’t have to comply with the Affordable Care Act requirement to provide contraceptive coverage in its employee health insurance plans.”

Hobby Lobby was willing to cover all contraceptives except four (out of 20). Those four were abortifacients, which are those means by which a fertilized egg is prevented from implanting in the womb. The fertilized egg is therefore aborted, and Hobby Lobby believes in the sanctity of life, even at this very early stage. In effect, Hobby Lobby would have been forced to pay for coverage of abortions. They are still willing to pay for the coverage of the other 16 contraceptives. Most opponents to the Supreme Court’s decision do not make this point clear. They say Hobby Lobby didn’t want to pay for ANY contraceptives and that statement leads to all kinds of hate speech and false accusations.

Norma J. Schmidt

New Ulm

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