Archery in the Park takes aim at fun

NEW ULM-Area youths took part in Archery program at Flandrau State Park on Sunday.

Scott Kudelka from the DNR was on hand to give the basics from safety and how to use the bow. Ron Bolduan of the River Rangers was also give advice to the more seasoned archers in terms of proper bow care and discussed the finer points of using a recurve bow verses a compound bow.

“It has been a very successful program,” said Kudelka. “It’s a family friendly activity that appeals to many ages.”

The latest class consisted primarily of young girls, many of whom discovered a real passion for the sport. Ella Stangel refused to leave until she hit the deer target at least once. However, after successfully hitting the target deer, she wanted to try again. Kudelka stated that part of the fun was watching the novice archers improve in a short time.

While the program was primarily for youths, even parents go to take a turn at target practice.

Archery programs similar offered throughout the Spring and Summer months. Since last August, 75 participants have taken part in the Archery program. The next Archery program is scheduled for Saturday, July 26 at 2 p.m.

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