Schaefer makes homes look beautiful

NEW ULM – Natalie Schaefer grew up adoring houses. With an astute taste from a young age on, she was always asked for advice about home furnishings. She decided to channel her passions into a career two and a half years ago by opening Perfectly Placed Home Staging, an operation that aids those looking to sell real estate by enlivening houses with a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Perfectly Placed Home Staging is a business that is growing all of the time. Schaefer recently expanded the business to the Mankato real estate market. The move helped her not only meet but exceed her goal of staging one to two homes per month. Recently, she has been staging roughly one house per week.

Schaefer especially enjoys working with vacant homes because she has the most control in the space’s overall look and design.

“I think they’re the most powerful,” Schaefer said. “Here you have an empty space, and I get to fill it. I get to highlight the best features of the house.”

According to Schaefer, the most integral rooms in the home staging process are the living room, dining room and kitchen. The master bedroom also plays a key role. Many of her clients will want all of these rooms staged because they have the greatest emotional impact on a buyer.

Schaefer explained that this impact is important because people will often buy a home based on the emotions they feel when touring it.

“They fall in love with the house or the life they see themselves living in that house,” she said. Often, home stagers will work toward creating a warm and restful feeling in the house to put potential buyers at ease.

Schaefer will often accommodate clients with lived-in homes by meeting with them for a one-hour consultation at the home. Upon walking around the house, Schaefer will offer the client immediate suggestions. For example, she may advise the seller to change the dining room’s wall color or to move a chair from the basement to the living room. As Schaefer says, it is all about working toward a clean, simple, freshened feeling.

Schaefer shared that the biggest misconception about home staging in southern Minnesota is that it is necessary only for those looking to sell homes in metropolitan areas. With Perfectly Placed Home Staging, the initial investment can be a great deal in the long run because the homes have been proven to sell more quickly. In fact, Schaefer once staged a Mankato home that ended up selling in only 22 hours. While that extreme result is atypical, the business’s average sale time is anywhere from 30-45 days.

The business offers opportunities for room redesign as well. Sometimes, home-owners simply want to freshen a bathroom or spruce up a bedroom. As Schaefer explained, often the dull room does not need to be gutted. Instead, she can come in and help the owner rearrange existing furniture or suggest options for accenting with new pieces. In this way, Schaefer can create a new, inviting space within a home.

For more information about Perfectly Placed Home Staging, contact Natalie Schaefer at 507-766-0859 or visit

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