Fruit salad with mint

A week ago, we had a party and decided we wanted to make mojitos for all of our guests.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of sipping a mojito, it is a delicious alcoholic beverage consisting of white rum, simple syrup, limejuice, soda water and fresh mint. I got all of the ingredients from the store and couldn’t find any fresh mint. Mint is essential for a mojito.

I knew my friend, Robert, was working at Whole Foods and planned to head over to our house afterwards. I thought Whole Foods should definitely have fresh mint. If any market had it, Whole Foods would be the best choice. So, I called Robert and he agreed to bring the mint. I was really excited to mix up some tasty mojitos for everyone to enjoy. I got everything ready except for the mint and we waited. Robert arrived with the mint and we were ready to go. Those mojitos were fantastic and perfect for a summer day. A Pimms cup would have done the trick too. Those are equally as refreshing on a hot summer day and also include sprigs of mint along with lots of other fruit.

The day after the party, I realized that there was a lot of mint leftover. Robert brought quite a large bunch of mint over to our house. A couple of years ago, while visiting friends in London, my friend Sage took me to a local restaurant to have a cup of fresh mint tea. I had several cups of mint tea before this trip, the type you buy in the grocery store in tea bags. However, this mint tea was different. This was just a cup of hot water with a big bunch of mint leaves and stems in it. It was so simple. I got mine and immediately become aware of the pungent smell of the mint. It really wakes you up. Then, I sipped it. This pure and fresh mint tea was delicious. It tasted warm and refreshing all at once. I have been making fresh mint tea ever since.

In fact, I looked into it and discovered that mint has several health benefits. Mint is a natural stimulant and actually does help you feel more awake. It can provide relief from fatigue and depression. Mint helps clear congestion of the nose throat and lungs and is an effective cure for nausea. With all of the mint left over from the party, I started making myself a cup of mint tea every day while remembering how much I loved to sip this tea. A few days into it, I realized I hadn’t put much of a dent into all of the mint I still had left.

So, I started throwing the mint into my juice every morning. I try to start each morning with a vegetable and fruit juice combination that I make at home. I always add garlic and ginger to my juice. Now, I have started adding a bunch of mint. It adds a new dimension of invigorating flavor. I love it. It is a great addition. It is so strange that no matter what vegetable or fruit or herb I throw into my juice, it always tastes amazing. Sometimes I worry thinking this is just too crazy of a combination. Then, I taste it and it is still awesome. It is like magic. Maybe I am just weird.

Earlier today, I looked into the refrigerator trying to figure out what to make myself for lunch. I thought my recipe this week should include mint since it has been so prevalent in my life lately. I decided on a fruit salad with mint. Mint adds such a refreshing element to a fruit salad. To take it a bit further, I whipped up a savory dressing with lemon, lime and jalapeno. I also placed the fruit salad on top of kale and spinach. I really don’t like my fruit to be eaten on its own. I prefer to add vegetables and sour flavors into the mix. I am not much of a sweets person and this makes my fruit more savory and, for me, more delicious. This is similar to the watermelon and feta salad I made a while back when I used a Serrano pepper dressing. The mint on top of the salad made the entire combination come alive with freshness. It was a perfect lunch for a summer day.

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