Thank Finstad for All Star Game

Minnesota received a lot of “oohs” and “aahs” over the past week as the eyes of the nation turned to Minneapolis and Target Field for the Major League Baseball All Star Game.

Despite some unseasonably cold temperatures and a rain delay for the Home Run Derby, fans and players visiting Minneapolis for the first time seemed to be favorably impressed, especially with the outstanding baseball park that is home to the Minnesota Twins.

We don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but we hope a few Twins officials and fans remembered the name of Brad Finstad as they watched a great game in a great ball park.

Finstad was the state representative from New Ulm who in 2005 was the chief author, supporter and promoter of the bill that resulted in the construction of Target Field for the Twins.

For years before that, the issue of a new stadium for the Twins was a political hot potato. Everyone knew that the old Metrodome, despite being home to the 1987 and 1991 World Series champions, was a lousy place to watch baseball, and didn’t have the amenities to produce the kinds of revenues a modern major league team needed. Everyone wanted a new stadium, but no one wanted to pay for it.

Finstad decided it was time to get it done, and he pushed, persuaded and parleyed until he finally got the votes to pass the legislation.

The rest is history. The state, Hennepin County and the Twins partnered to build one of the best baseball parks in either the American or National League, and this year Minnesota got to host the All Star Game.

We hope someone remembered to thank Finstad.

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