Let’s not forget the carriers

To the editor:

I am writing in regards to The Journal’s announcement on Sunday to begin delivery of content in its entirety via electronic means. While I agree that we live in a world where technology is both useful and desired, I’d like to make a point about the value of the written word (home delivery) that some might not think about before turning their subscription into an “electronic” subscription.

As a former Journal carrier, I believe that something of value may be lost should too many readers jump on this technological bandwagon – carriers are “typically” younger persons who are getting their first taste of “work” by delivering papers… Believe me it is work – there is the urgency of delivering a daily paper in a timely matter, regardless of the weather conditions; satisfying the customer with the delivery location and NOT walking through lawns, etc. and the responsibility of finding a reliable substitute should the carrier wish to have a day off. These are important work ethic lessons that are learned early and can last a lifetime.

Even so, not all carriers are young – some are older adults seeking some extra “pocket” money, some are physically challenged and this is a source of exercise and a confidence booster which produces a little income and still yet, some carriers are trying to supplement income by working early in the a.m. before another job.

I understand that the article doesn’t discourage traditional “home delivery,” it merely highlights the advantages of and the option of a digital only subscription. I just wanted to be able to highlight at least one possible negative of such a choice… the choice might be taking away some things from your carrier that you hadn’t considered.

Yes, I realize that I may sound old-school, technology adverse, behind-the-times, but my gray hair preceeds me and I prefer to think of myself as just an old soul! Please think of your carrier, at least for a moment, before you cancel your home delivery of The Journal.

Patty Matthews

New Ulm

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