Officer talks about K-9 dog

NEW ULM-New Ulm Police Investigator Jeremy Reed talked in detail about his relationship with the New Ulm Police Department K-9 dog Juneau at a public demonstration in Schonlau Park Friday afternoon.

“He looks after me and I look after him. He’ll stand by me and come to me if I’m in danger. The bond between us is pretty big,” Reed said about the 117-pound German Shepherd able to run up to 32 mph.

“He’s pretty happy go lucky most of the time. He’ll play catch with anybody and gets along well with other dogs as long as they realize he is ‘king,’ Reed added about the dog trained for drug detection, assisting in searches and accompanying officers on patrol.

“It’s fun, exciting and very rewarding because the dog can save lives,” Reed said about his experience working with K-9 dogs.

Designed by the police department to care for Juneau, Reed said K-9 dogs normally work with police departments for seven to 10 years before they become family pets.

In March 2013, the New Ulm Police Department cancelled a plan to cut its K-9 unit due to budget constraints.

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