Our country changing for the worse

To the editor:

How has our country changed since our founders established a path for life in a new world? Is it better or should we be making some changes? In and editorial written by Paul Harvey about the same time our Supreme Court justices made abortion (baby killing) legal. He wrote an editorial titled “If I Were the Devil.” I’m quoting just a few phrases.

If I were the devil I would need to take over the united States. I would have to subvert the churches. I would start a whisper campaign. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I did to Eve, do as you please. To the young I’d whisper that the bible is a myth and that man created God instead of the other way around. To the old I would teach them to pray”Our father which is in Washington.” To encourage schools to refine young intellectuals but neglect to discipline emotions, just let them run wild. Before you know it, you’d have drug sniffing dogs and metal detector at every school house door.

In a book written by George Grant, ( written in 1995) the director of the Kings Meadow Study Center near Nashville, he states some very unpleasant statistic the last three decades our index of leading cultural indicators have shown, the number of illegitimate births have increased 400 percent, Divorce rates have quadrupled, domestic violence have increased 200 percent. This has gotten worse in the past years. In the meantime our churche, private associations and community organizations which gave strength and stability our nation have been undermined and distorted by our government and social engineers. Government spending which was to help us was actually hurting the nation. Government spending has increased by 650 percent. Statistics show every dollar poured into the social programs ended up in the minus direction.

Our give away programs have increased to the extent that the receivers outnumber the givers Taxing the rich is very good sounding, but is ending up very unproductive. The rich have found a way of avoiding the taxes by moving their production our of country or whatever it takes to avoid taxes. Are we really serious about our patriotism an giving more power to the central government. Which our forefathers warned us against..Isn’t it time we through the devil out and put God back into our lives?

Lerry Peichel

Sleepy Eye

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