Middle East caught in vicious circle

The current violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip is just the latest in a long line of attacks and counterattacks that started so long ago that no one can really remember who started it and what they did. It’s a bloody spiral of attack and retaliation, which triggers more attacks, and more retaliation.

The latest violence started several weeks ago when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed, most likely by Palestinian terrorists. Then, in retaliation, a Palestinian teen was kidnapped and burned to death by outraged Israelis. Palestinians were outraged in turn, and Hamas, the terror group that supposedly governs Palestinians in Gaza, started firing rockets into Israel, targeting no one in particular, populated areas and non populated areas, not caring who they hit.

Israeli forces, set on defending their country, retaliated with air strikes against Hamas targets, which Hamas calculatingly located near civilian targets – hospitals, schools, residential areas. The unavoidable death and injury of innocent civilians sparks more Hamas rockets, which sparks an Israeli ground invasion.

When will this end? When will enough have died?

In the past, neighboring Middle East states like Egypt, or Israeli allies like the U.S., have tried to negotiate for a truce, for peace agreements, for arrangements that would allow both sides to co-exist.

But as long as Hamas holds the destruction of Israel as its goal, and is willing to sacrifice Palestinians, this spiral will continue.

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