Rewarding poor building decision

To the editor:

With all of the FEMA people in the area, I was prompted to write this letter. With all of the damages done to homes, businesses and infrastructure, why is it that some people receive funds or buyouts for their poor decisions?

I am referring to a case in in this area in Nicollet County. About 30+ years ago, a home was built by a couple next to a creek in the county. The creek has been there forever; farmers drain their fields to make their land more productive and grow more food for the world. Well, now after 30+ years, after realizing that the creek was getting closer to their home, they get FEMA and the DNR to buy their property for around $250,000.

This home never should have been allowed to be built in this location. Now these dollars could have been used to help people who lost or had damaged homes through no fault of their own, due to floods, tornado, etc. It could have been used to repair roads and bridges. Instead, these people were rewarded for their questionable decision making.

But you know who they are blaming, the farmers. Now that the county owns the property, I’m sure no tax revenue is generated. The home has been demolished and hauled to an environmental landfill. What a waste of money.

Ron Wendinger

New Ulm

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