Windings adds building

NEW ULM-Windings Inc. hosted an employee open house and quarterly meeting Thursday in a newly-leased, 35,000-square foot building at 1500 North Front.

Formerly used to house Ametek and MCG, the building will be used as a customer center and will allow for office and manufacturing space expansion, according to Windings, Inc. CEO Jerry Kauffman.

“Our existing two buildings are full, but the new site will open up room for manufacturing cells, office space and for product prototypes,” Kauffman said. “It should give us room for growth for the next few years.”

Kauffman said the company employs 99 people in New Ulm and plans to hire seven more later this year.

The firm specializes in the production of stators, rotors, insulated lamination stacks, precision-wound coils and other custom-wound products and higher-level assemblies including full motors and generators.

Its products are used in aerospace, avionics, defense, wind, water and wave power generation, backup power systems, hybrid vehicles and other automotive systems, factory automation, motion control, robotics, medical and other applications.

Over the past four decades, Windings motors have been used in avionics brake and fuel systems, alternators, cargo power drive units, flight surface actuators, space exploration vehicles and next generation steering mechanisms for commercial, military and outer space applications.

Windings is also involved with aircraft and submersible vehicles, motors and generators for land vehicle auxiliary power units (APUs), jet engines, missile guidance and radar systems and equipment for personnel protection and vision.

Medical applications include motors for laboratory centrifuges, surgical tools and other devices. Other applications include oil and gas directional drilling, high-speed, high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning compressors, flight simulators, freight maneuvering systems, magnetic bearings and credit card manufacturing systems.

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