Tractor pull unites family, friends

LAFAYETTE-Seventy-year-old Ed Stadick admits he’s retired, but that doesn’t mean he sits around much.

At the 11th Annual Lafayette Antique Tractor Pull Saturday, he drove his 1950 John Deere “A” tractor to the 5500 Factory Stock Class title, pulling 132.56 feet.

Many tractors were International Harvester Farmalls, but many tractor makes were represented at the pull-Oliver, Case-New Holland, Massey-Ferguson, Minneapolis Moline, Allis Chalmers and John Deere.

“It doesn’t matter so much what type of tractor you drive, winning a pull is more about how the tractor is set up and pulling techniques,” Stadick said.

A maintenance man at Cathedral Holy Trinity, Stadick did construction work for 40 years but his passions also include riding motorcycles.

In a few days, he’ll head west to the Sturgis, S.D. Buffalo Chip motorcycle and music festival, a nine-day event with racing, ramp jumps, touring, rock bands and musicians. Last year, Sturgis attendance was estimated at 467,000.

Stadick said he plans to ride his Harley-Davidson with friends to the Black Hills event to “people watch.” His retirement years are filled with plenty of group motorcycle road trips including 350 to 400 mile routes to casinos every Wednesday.

“We like taking the long way each week,” Stadick explained.

Other tractor pull competitors Saturday included sisters Sammie and Jamie Engelmann of Green Isle on their antique Oliver tractors. “We never miss the Lafayette pull. It’s our 10th year here. We came here many times with our dad and continue to come here in his memory,” Sammie Engelmann said.

She and her sister’s tractors have photos of their late father, Rich Engelmann and another close tractor pulling friend, the late Melvin Hinderscheidt.

Adam Blackstad of St. James said he enjoys coming to the pull, competing and spending time with his grandfather.

Pull results:

3500 Factory Stock: 1. Richard Mielke 174.88. 2. Boby Rannow 160.41. 3. Pat Anton 151.6. 4500 Factory Stock 1. R. Mielke 175.09. 2. Carl Oswald 169.49. 3. Allen Oswald 164.1. 4500 Hobby Stock 1. Marty Schott 175.63. 2. Steve Lancaster 170.17. Klay Carlson 163.14. 5500 Factory Stock 1. Ed Stadick 132.56. 2. Jerome Anderson 130.65. 3. Jon Mielke 128.46. 5500 Power Puff 1. Janet Andersen 134.81. 2. Sammie Engelmann 130.03. 3. Jamie Engelmann 125.6. 5500 Hobby Stock 1. Greg Grausam 145.94. 2. Sammie Engelmann 138.23. 3. Jamie Engelmann 132.29. 6500 Factory Stock 1. Jon Mielke 142.53. 2. Carl Oswald 137.54. 3. David Halvorson 135.29. 6500 Powder Puff 1. Ashley Enter 137.54. 2. Julie Braulick 135.77. 3. Beth Fluegge 131.88. 6500 Hobby Stock 1. Ken Wiese 247.37. 2. Dwight Wiekhmen 204.44. 3. Joe Blackstead 164.85. 7500 Factory Stock 1. Carl Oswald 163.89. 2. Paul Gieseke 131.33. 3. Chad Sondag 130.72. Hobby Stock 1. Ken Wiese 261.57. 2. Dann Peterson 181.91. 3. Larry Blackstead Sr. 174.74. 9000 Hobby Stock 1. Janet Andersen 173.38. 2. Al Engelmann 170.38. 3. Kevin Fluegge 144.78. 10,500 Hobby Stock 1. Al Engelmann 147.37. 2. Carl Oswald 145.94. 3. Kevin Fluegge 116.31.

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