Seifert, Hagedorn the electable candidates

To the editor:

As the former Chair of the Brown County Republican Committee and as a Republican grassroots activist for over 25 years, I realize that one of the most fundamental principles of politics is that you can’t govern unless you win elections. It is important that we place our most electable candidates on the ballot if we are going to win and influence the affairs of government.

It is for that reason that I am encouraging folks to vote in the Aug. 12 primary for Marty Seifert for Governor of Minnesota and Jim Hagedorn for U.S. Congress in the First Congressional District.

I have known Marty Seifert, who was born in Springfield, since he was in high school. As the only candidate from Greater Minnesota in any statewide election this year, Marty understands the concerns of rural Minnesota. He has lived there his entire life, growing up near Clements and now living in Marshall. He can articulate our concerns with wit and intelligence. He is the only candidate for governor who has visited all 87 counties in Minnesota.

Jim Hagedorn is the only candidate for Congress who was born in Minnesota. He has visited over 100 cities in the First Congressional District over the past 10 weeks. He is meeting and listening to thousands of people at parades and on Main Streets across Southern Minnesota. He has a strong understanding about the key issues that matter most to the citizens of the district.

With their backgrounds and experiences, Marty Seifert and Jim Hagedorn are the candidates that need to be on the ballot if Republicans are going to win back the Governorship and the First District Congressional seat.

I encourage you to vote on Aug. 12 for Marty Seifert for Governor and Jim Hagedorn for U.S. Congress.

Gerald C. Woodley

New Ulm

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