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To the editor:

Lately, I have been writing on social media and about the political stands that the Independence Party has taken over the past 20 years. As Minnesota’s third major party, we not only advocate for issues that impact all Minnesotans, we also advocate for the reform of our broken government. Campaign finance reform, election reform, and budget reform are just a few areas that need serious action in St. Paul and Washington, D.C. The challenge to these reforms is not a lack of desire by the public, nor a lack of workable solutions.

The obstacle to political reform lies in the hands of Republican and Democratic politicians who like the system the way it works now. Why? Because it works for them, not for you.

Tuesday, Aug. 12, you have your first opportunity to tell the Republicans and Democrats that you are fed up with what they have done to our government. You have an opportunity to tell them that you want politicians that vote with you, not with the PACs and political party leadership. I know that the Republicans have several primary races this year. Even the Democrats have a primary battle. The sad truth is, those primary battles do not matter. Seriously, any individual the Republicans select in the U. S. Senate primary, if elected, will go to Washington and take direction from their party’s Senate leadership, not you. The Democrats, meanwhile, are fighting over who should, if elected, sit in the auditor’s office and take direction from the Governor.

On Tuesday, August 12th, go to the polls, pick up an Independence Party primary ballot, and vote for Kevin Terrell for United States Senate and Bob Helland for Minnesota Secretary of State. The delegates of the Independence Party of Minnesota have endorsed Kevin Terrell and Bob Helland in their respective primary races. While you are at it, show some primary voting support for Hannah Nicollet for Governor, Pat Dean for State Auditor and Brandan Borgos for Attorney General. Every vote for these four outstanding candidates is a vote for real, necessary, political reform in Saint Paul and Washington.

Learn about all of the Independence Party endorsed candidates at

Vote Tuesday, Aug. 12!

Mark Jenkins

Chair, Independence Party

of Minnesota

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