Has city thought through bike path?

To the editor:

I’m concerned about the proposed bike path on South Garden Street. I have lived on that street ever since it was constructed in the 1960’s. It’s very, very busy! Years ago it was known as a “collector street.”

Where will the bike path end? Maybe on 8th South and Garden? Or on 10th South and Payne?

There is another safety issue. The houses on South Garden Street have no alleys. If parking is banned on the west side of the street all year long, where will visitors park? Where will spectators at track meets, softball games, tennis matches, and other athletic events park? At the present time, parking is only banned on part of the street near the school buildings and that is only during school hours. The southern most portion of the street has “No Parking Anytime” signs posted, but that has never been enforced during school athletic events. Will this be enforced in the future?

ShirleyAnn Edwards

New Ulm

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