Expensive schools not necessary

To the editor:

It’s not a big fancy 47 million taxpayers dollar building that makes a good place to educate our children. It’s well paid good teachers and children willing to learn.

Many of you who are reading this letter to the editor were educated in a one room school house first to 8th grade. It was our values and work ethic that made this great country what it is today! We did not need a 47 million dollar building to be educated in!

In the past 41 years New Ulm has not grown population or good job wise. It’s more a retirement town.

This tax referendum that is being prpposed by #88 places a heavy burden on most families in #88 who are property owners especially small business and farmers.

776 homes in Brown County are on food stamps/1,870 are on welfare (public assistance).

Tax payer (voters) please do your homework before you vote Aug. 12, 2014.

Korie Langbehn


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