Why we should vote yes

To the editor:

We have been reading in the newspaper that some people believe that New Ulm is a dying town or a retirement town. We are here to show you that this is simply not true. There is a vibrant community of families who are dedicated to this town and its successful future. Some of us are new to New Ulm and some of us were raised here. Some of us moved here because of work or family or because we wanted a nice, small town in which to raise our children. We represent the growth of New Ulm.

We have been asked why we are voting YES for the ISD 88 bond referendum on 8/12/14 and here are some of the reasons:

  • Because we don’t have the space to provide the state required education for our kids.
  • Because we have kids having gym class in hallways.
  • Because we have instruction happening in former closets.
  • Because we need to rent portable buildings for space for classes and have been using them for seven years. They have no running water or bathrooms and kids have to go outside in the winter to get to math class.
  • Because new hires to New Ulm businesses see the portables and the crowded schools and choose to buy homes and live in other towns.
  • Because it would cost 2/3 the amount to update the current buildings and we still wouldn’t have green space, athletic fields, community space, or space for future expansion.

Because there is a donor willing to give $1,000,000 if it does pass.

Because we have one gym for grades 7-12.

Because education has changed drastically since we, and our parents, went to school. What worked then does not work now.

Because a task force made up of a variety of citizens of ISD 88 studied the issue and came up with the best plan. This is what NEEDS to happen, not what we want to happen.

Because, unlike the current high school, this school is designed with the future in mind and built with room for expansion.

Because the junior high closed seven years ago as it would have been cost-prohibitive to just bring it up to code. Now it’s sold. We need to move on.

Because bonds are the cheapest they’ve been in years. And construction costs are always going up. This HAS to happen and if it doesn’t happen now, it’s going to end up costing more in the future.

  • Because out of all the things our taxes go for, we can’t think of a better long-term investment than schools, education, and our kids.

Please vote YES, ISD 88!

Amanda Groebner, Amy Wyczawski Cooke, Emily Groebner-Albrecht, Shannon Reinhart Frauenholtz, Jenifer Kalis, Amber Melby, Sarah Jensen Weidman, Michelle Newman Owens, Amanda Jensen, Kellie Curfman Newman, Alicia Hinkle, Kristin Kveno, Kim Horning, Nicole Briggs, Carolyn Newman

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