McFadden hits Brown County on tour of state

SLEEPY EYE – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden visited the Christensen Farms corporate office building Tuesday while on his state tour of all 87 counties.

A businessman, youth football and basketball coach in Mendota Heights who played football at University of St. Thomas, McFadden said he plans to take his real-world business experience to Washington, D.C.

McFadden faces fellow Republican Jim Abeler, a state representative since 1998, in the Aug. 12 primary. The primary winner will oppose incumbent Democrat Sen. Al Franken in the November general election.

“This election year is a big opportunity to unify Republicans. We’re doing that one day at a time, visiting all 87 Minnesota counties in a little over a month,” McFadden said. “I’ve visited 80 counties since July 2. I’m running for office because I know we can do better.”

His campaign planks include repealing and replacing Obamacare with a patient-centered, market-based solution he said will lower costs and increase accessibility. He wants to end the “job killing” Medical Device Tax he said is hurting Minnesota’s economy and punishing the most vulnerable citizens.

McFadden said he will help cut “reckless” spending and begin to balance the federal budget.

“The country has a $17 trillion debt that increased more than $5.7 trillion since Al Franken took office. We’re asking our kids to pay the debt,” McFadden added. “We’re falling behind with flat wages while food, gas and other living costs climb. We’ve had 1,000 days of gasoline costing more than three dollars. It doesn’t need to be that way. We should have our best days ahead of us. We’ve produced a professional class of politicians that are killing us.”

McFadden said too many state manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to other places. “We’ve got to be more efficient with our regulations. We’ve got the world’s largest copper and nickel deposits in northeast Minnesota which has the highest unemployment rate,” he said. “Seven different government regulatory agencies are now responsible for environmental decisions. I get excited about where we can go. We’ve got good, hard-working people in this state. We need to keep business and industry here.”

McFadden said he feels confident Republicans will win back control of the U.S. House of Representatives. “I think we have a big opportunity for a landslide election,” he said. “Spread the word. I’m going to win.”

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