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To the editor:

I am a delegate for Congressional District 1 and feel the need to set the record straight on (reports of a) so-called “back room deal” (at the convention). After two rounds of voting, Mike Benson conceded and stated he will support the endorsed candidate. There was then another vote between Aaron Miller and Jim Hagedorn. This round showed that the majority of Benson’s supporters’ second choice was Miller.

Then Hagedorn stood and conceded to Aaron Miller and stated he would support the endorsed candidate for congress. Once all but one candidate concedes, the parliamentary procedure is that the remaining candidate has to be unanimously voted in by the seeded delegates. There was a unanimous vote by the seeded delegates for Aaron Miller for Congress. Therefore there was no “back room deal.”

At the beginning of the campaign for congressman, all three candidates stated they would abide by the endorsement and support the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate, which is Aaron Miller. When Jim Hagedorn rejoined the race, he went back on his word.

And if We The People (delegates and alternates), who spent time and money to research and interview candidates for Congressional District 1, are nothing but “back room deals,” then the system is severely broken.

Please vote in the Primary on August 12, 2014 for Aaron Miller, endorsed by 100 percent of the delegates from every corner of Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.”

Kip Herrmann


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