Vote for Miller

To the editor:

Aaron Miller is the right man, at the right time, with the right message. Our country can’t afford the bill for our current congressman Tim Walz’s voting record anymore.

Government must stop passing debt and eroding freedoms on to our next generations. WE ARE THAT NEXT GENERATION. The debt, reckless spending, and assaults on our freedom are real. We need to take a stand.

We need Aaron Miller, a caring husband and father from the private sector, who will fight for us every day to lower taxes, stop the out of control spending in Washington, and balance the budget. Too many politicians talk the talk but their voting record doesn’t match it.

As a military veteran, Aaron Miller understands the need to take care of our military while they are serving and when they come home.

Our country needs Aaron Miller who will take a stand to defend our personal liberty and honor his oath to uphold the Constitution and the rights it protects. Washington D.C. needs someone who won’t be bought by special interests.

Stand with me and vote for Aaron Miller for Congress. He can go head to head and defeat Tim Walz. If you think you know who Tim Walz is by what he says, you should check his voting record. We can’t afford any more of that.

Aaron Miller. The right man. At the right time. With the right message.

It’s Miller time. Vote responsibly.

Marty Holub


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