Too much debt

To the editor:

It is common knowledge that it is near impossible to pay off debt with borrowed money. Money is borrowed for investment in productive activity or home manufacturing and long term public benefit.

A long time ago the Social Security program was advanced, where people deducted a portion of their salary and put in a national trust fund for retirement, and this seemed to be a good thing and the government officials that enacted it were convinced. This idea has been duplicated in the many government programs that have been advanced in the past years.

We now have so many programs that are not being funded by those benefiting by program so our government is borrowing money to keep the programs solvent.

Our government officials have observed it is easier to get reelected by giving handouts to more people. So now we have more people going to the mailbox and pick up a government check rather than going to work and earning a check.

Our National Debt now has reached a point where we may need to add more names to our numbering system. Trillion and Quadrillion won’t be big enough.

Our children being born today have to face up to thousands of dollars in debt before they take their first breath. If they knew this they would cry continually, it would make us cry too, and it should.

Yet we continue to re-elect the same people the brought about this great debt and many other evils (abortion, same sex marriage, dying with dignity and other thing that God forbids and is found in the Bible.) Is it any wonder that God allows some many devastating thing to happen. Is he trying to get our attention? Is Ebola, which is like the Plague of former times, going to get our attention. When will we become alerted?

Lerry Peichel

Sleepy Eye

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