Future of New Ulm will be what we make it

To the editor:

I have watched the upcoming school referendum with great interest. There are some who feel New Ulm is a rural retirement town. Embarking on that path will ultimately end in the city’s demise. The baby boomer population bubble will come to an end. I watch farms get bulldozed every year as they are incorporated into larger and larger farms. That kind of future will be a short one indeed. Although we have a lot of retirees in New Ulm, we also have a lot of other great things happening.

New Ulm has a thriving business base. The retail and industrial local economy is growing! Employers are looking for help and willing to pay well to get it New Ulm is on the cusp of something great If we are going to succeed in having a vibrant community, it needs a solid foundation. Education is part of that foundation.

When new people come to New Ulm to fill skilled jobs, the first thing they do is look at the houses for sale. The second thing they do is look at the schools. The internet is filled with articles about New Ulm and issues around the budget and facilities. Let’s get out there and send the message that we have the best schools in state. We want the best teachers, engaged parents, and a facility where students can truly be the best they can be.

New Ulm has had a lot of schools in its past. I can only imagine that similar discussions took place about whether or not to build newer facilities. Thankfully, older generations made sure the foundation was solid for the future. Now it’s our turn. Like our predecessors, vote “YES” on the school referendum and a solid future for New Ulm.

Bill Swan

New Ulm

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