For love of swine (and goats, and horses)

NEW ULM – The 4-H Swine and Goat shows drew a good number of younger contestants Saturday at the Brown County Fair.

Nine-year-old Paige Green of the Comfrey Cloverbuds club showed the Champion Barrow and was Reserve Champion Junior Show person in the goat show.

In her first year of 4-H, she’s been showing pigs for four years in other competition. Green won a purple ribbon at the fair for her zinnia flower entry.

Ten-year-old Mallory Drake of the Comfrey Comets showed the Champion Market Gilt, Champion Breeding Gilt, was Champion Pen of 3 and Champion Junior Show person. In two years, she’ll be eligible for a state fair trip.

Brandon Roiger of the Sleepy Eye Wide Awake club showed the Reserve Champion Barrow and was Pen of 3 Reserve Champion.

Studying Agricultural Education, Communication and Journalism at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Roiger said he enjoys renewing friendships and making new friends while competing at the county and state fair.

“It’s a good experience to be able to reconnect with people especially,” Roiger said. A former FFA state officer, he plans to compete with the University of Minnesota speech team and play intramural volleyball this fall.

The 4-H Swine Champion list:

Champion Market Gilt Mallory Drake, RC (Reserve Champion) Austin Augustin

Champion Barrow Paige Green, RC Brandon Roiger,

Champion Breeding Gilt Mallory Drake, RC Molly Carnell,

Champion Pen of 3 Mallory Drake, RC Brandon Roiger,

Champion Club Truck Load Comfrey Comets, RC Burnstown/Brookville,

Champion Senior Show person Brok Miller, RC Josie Schieffert,

Champion Int. Show person Molly Carnell, RC McKenzie Cselovszki,

Champion Jr. Show person Mallory Drake, RC Emma Schieffert.

Open Class Division C Swine

GC James Ploeger, Mallory Drake (2), RC Drake, Madden Lendt, Ploeger.

4-H Goat Champion list:

Champion Dairy Goat Katie Schwartz (milking two-year-old), RC Haily Green (dry yearling),

Champion Market Goat Cody Schwartz, RC Haily Green,

Champion Market Breeding Doe Haily Green,

Champion Sr. Show person Cody Schwartz, RC Katie Schwartz,

Champion Jr. Show person Haily Green, RC Paige Green.

State horse show:

McKenzie Cselovszki (pleasure), Russell Hellendrung (games), Cselovszki (Game Horse A), Hellendrung, Sarah Steffl (games), Cselovszki (horse B).

Open Class Division D Poultry, Pigeons, Rabbits: GC Kaylyn Severin, RC Natalie Marti.

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