Man who discovered Hermann battlefield of 9 A.D. dies in Germany

Bissendorf, Germany – Retired British Army Major Tony Clunn died on Sunday, Aug. 3, in Bissendorf, Germany, after a debilitating stroke suffered in the fall of 2010, shortly after his second visit to New Ulm.

Clunn was the amateur archeologist who discovered the long-sought 9 A.D. battlefield where the German tribal leader Hermann (Arminius) led warriors of several united Germanic tribes and annihilated three Roman Legions led by the Roman Governor Varus. A museum and park now occupy the area, which is known as Kalkriese.

Clunn visited New Ulm in 2005 and in 2010, when he was the grand marshal of the Bavarian Blast Parade.

Clunn is survived by his wife, Anna Cheeseman-Clunn; and children, Jana, Mark Anthony and Josephine Louise.

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