Public notices, Aug. 14, 2014


( July 24, 31, August

7, 14, 21, 28)






Under and by virtue of

an Execution issued

out of and under the

seal of the District

Court of the State of

Minnesota, in and for

the Fifth Judicial Dis-

trict and County of

Brown. On the 12th

day of March, 2014,

upon a judgment ren-

dered and docketed in

said Court and said

County in an action

therein, between

James Anderson,

Plaintiff and Randy

Danielson, Defendant

in favor of said Plaintiff

and against said De-

fendant, for the sum of

Twenty Thousand and

00/100 Dollars

($20,000.00) as ap-

pears by the judgment

roll filed in the office of

the Clerk of said Dis-

trict Court for said

County, and

WHEREAS, said judg-

ment was docketed in

said Court on the 14th

day of March, 2014, at

9:42 A.M. in the sum

of $20,000.00, is now

actually due thereon

with interest of 4% per

diem from the 12th

day of March, 2014,

and up to and including

the date of sale, and

also for all Sheriff’s

fees, costs and dis-

bursements of levy

and sale,

WHEREAS, said Exe-

cution has to the Sher-

iff of said County been

duly directed and



TICE that I have

levied upon and will

sell at public auction to

the highest cash or

certified funds bidder,

in the lobby of said

Sheriff’s office, Law

Enforcement Center,

15 South Washington

Street, New Ulm, MN

56073, on the 12th day

of September, 2014, at

10:00 o’clock am all

right, title and interest

that the above-named

judgment debtor has in

and to the real proper-

ty, hereinafter

described as follows,

to wit:

Lot 1, Block 1,

Marktplatz First Addi-

tion, Brown County,


Abstract Property

according to the plat

thereof on file and of

record in the office of

the County Recorder/

Registrar of Titles in

and for the said Coun-


Brown County

Sheriff’s Office

15 South Washington

Street, PO Box 877

New Ulm, MN


Sheriff Rich Hoff-


Dated: July 21, 2014

By: /s/ Jason Seidl

Deputy Sheriff (Signa-


Chief Deputy Jason

Seidl 331

Deputy Sheriff (Print-

ed) Badge #

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