Solar Tube Experiment

Submitted photo

Last year at Christmas, the fifth and sixth grade science department at New Ulm Area Catholic Schools received a donation from a NUACS grandparent. The teachers ordered some fun “toys” that the students normally would not get to have. One of the items was a 60 foot-long Solar Tube. The tube is made of a thin black plastic; it is open at one end, and closed at the other. Students filled the flat tube with air from a fan and took it outside into the sun. The sun caused the air inside to heat up. As the air was heated, it expanded in the tube and eventually made the tube rise. Pictured above are members of Mrs. Janelle Kopacek’s sixth grade science class watching as the sun warmed the air inside the Solar Tube causing it to lift. At one point, the closed end of the tube rose above the roof of the second story on the St. Anthony building. Tuesday, was a perfect day for the experiment with little wind and lots of sunshine.

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